Eddie Ross Construction


Concrete Flatwork

No matter the size of your project, we can handle it. We can slick trowel your interior concrete floors or broom finish your exterior surfaces.

Decorative Concrete

We specialize in colored and textured concrete. With the use of plastic forms, we can create almost any shape patio, driveway, or sidewalk imaginable. To find our color chart, click here

Basement Crack Repair

We use an injected epoxy method to repair cracks. We also can pinpoint what caused the basement to crack in the first place and find a solution to stop the problem.

Basement Replacement

We have expertise in removal of an existing basement or foundation and replacing it with all new concrete walls and floor.

Insulated Concrete Forms

If you are building a whole new house or adding a basement to an existing house, ICF's may be for you. With the cost of energy increasing, this building method provides unmatched energy efficiency. To find out more info click here.

Site Prep and Gradework

If you need dirt work or rock grading of any kind, we have two rubber tracked skid steer loaders and a rubber tracked excavator. These can get into almost any location and does not destroy the ground that a rubber tire machine will.